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Tuesday June 26, 2018


Tuesday June 26, 2018



Chris Hinshaw Aerobic Capacity Running Warmup


there are a lot of drills here, it should take you 12-15 min to get people warmed up. Don’t worry about going through the sprint build ups past drill 20 in the video.




For time:

200m run

Rest 1 min

400m run

Rest 1:30

600m run

Rest 2 min

800m run

Rest 2:30

50 box jumps

25 cal assault bike


***pacing for all runs should be 80-90% effort***


In other words if you can run an all out 60 sec 400m then your 400m here should be no greater than 72-75 sec



Rx: 24/20

Scaled: 20/16

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