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A note about programming


A note about programming

A note about programming……

As a gym we are constantly striving to improve in every aspect of everything we do. Programming is no different. There is always room for improvement and going forward we are going to be programming a little differently.

From inception our programming philosophy has been centered around strength cycles focusing on specific lifts. This aspect of the programming will not change. The conditioning aspect (MetCons) of the programming has been rotating between AlyssaChris, and me. The rotation in the metcon programming is great for creating variability because the three of us are very different and approach programming in different ways. Overall this introduces tons of variability and greatly helps the overall gym population with general physical preparedness (GPP). However, the constant rotation doesn’t necessarily allow the gym as a whole to focus on specific things (time domains, energy systems, movements, etc.) within the metcons. This is problematic as improvement takes time and specific performance increases do not occur overnight.

Therefore, going forward we will be programming the metcons in specific blocks similar to the strength cycles. MetCon blocks will focus on various things that we are trying to get the gym as a whole to improve on. As with any programming block we will start with a specific test which will be repeated at the end of the block to measure improvement.

For the month of August our metcon focus will be EVERYONE’S favorite movement, THRUSTERS. We will test the most famous benchmark WOD, FRAN, tomorrow and then we will retest again at the end of the block. You will NOT see thrusters every day….absolutely not…What you will see are various movements throughout the week that compliment thrusters to help you build strength and proficiency in the movement. With that increased strength and proficiency will then be better equipped to perform thrusters, and ultimately any workout that includes them.

It’s time to conquer your thruster demons!

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