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CFE Programming Week of 4/30


CFE Programming Week of 4/30

Week of 4/30


Day 1:


10 x 200m


1 min rest in between each interval. After the last interval you will wait 1 min and then perform an 800m run.


200m is a short distance, therefore you should be running these intervals at a very fast pace. It is not meant to be an all out sprint each time, but it also shouldn’t be some leisurely jog. The first several 200s will feel pretty easy. That is fine. The goal is to tire out your lungs and legs for a fast 800m run at the end. Try to use your pacing from the 200m runs for a faster 800m run.


I want to generate the feeling of running on tired legs to simulate that second run in Murph. You guys have already been doing a lot of Murph prep WODs so I am not going to add in air squats when normally this would be the perfect instance to call for it. Once we get through Murph you will see some bodyweight movements added to our CFE programming.


Day 2:


Did you do your 5k last week? If not, you NEED TO DO YOUR 5K ROW.


If you did do your 5k row last week, awesome! This week your steady state endurance work is:



1000m row

800m run

40 cal assault bike

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