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Friday August 10, 2018


Friday August 10, 2018

Mobility/Activation: x 2

:20 assault bike sprint

:10 rest

:20 jumping air squats

:10 rest


Strength: Timed Events (complete in any order)


1.) Max MB OTS in 60s

C: 150/100

P: 100/70

F: 70/60


2.) 200m Farmer Carry

C: 2×70/2×53

P: 2×53/2×45

F: 2×45/2×35


3.) Max Time High Plank Hold (top of push up position)

*no piking or sagging




For time:

With Partner

100m double kb front rack lunge and squat

800m run


***lunge sequence is lunge-lunge-squat***

***kbs will be held in front rack position the entire time***

***partners can breakup the total 100m however they choose, except breaking up the middle of a single rep, 1 rep equals lunge>lunge>squat***

***once the partnership has finished the 100m lunges, they will both complete an 800m run***


C: 44/25 in each hand,

P: single 53/35 kettlebell

F: single 44/25 kettlebell

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