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Friday July 14, 2017


Friday July 14, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 2 rounds of

  1. 5 pass thrus w/ pvc
  2. 5 OHS
  3. 5 snatch balance


Strength: Intro to Snatch Balance progression


w/ empty bar x 3 rounds



5 pressing snatch balance

5 drop snatch

5 snatch balance



With Partner:


For time:

80 sandbag cleans

80 sanbag front squats


1 rope climb and 1 bear crawl (full mat)


Coaches notes: Partner one will start on the sandbag cleans while partner two starts on the bear crawl. When partner two completes 1 bear crawl and 1 rope climb (15ft) the partners will switch. Partner two will now continue where partner one left off and partner one will do one bear crawl and one rope climb. The partners will continue to switch after every bear crawl + rope climb until all of the cleans and frontsquats are completed.


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