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How to Grip a Pull-Up Bar and Avoid Tears


How to Grip a Pull-Up Bar and Avoid Tears

Whenever there is a large volume of gymnastic bar work in a workout the inevitable usually happens; I see one of our members with torn hands. Trust me, it bothers me to see this. My goal is to try my best to keep you healthy, injury free, and working out for the days, weeks, and months to come. Tearing your hands badly can set you back for a significant amount of time.
Know this….TORN HANDS ARE PREVENTABLE. There is a litany of information on the internet about chalk, hand grips, and callus care so I will spare you the commentary on those subjects. However, what I do not see a lot of is commentary on is how to actually grip a pull-up bar. I can say with confidence that 70-80+% of you grip the pull-up bar wrong. I see it frequently while coaching. Spending just a few minutes to recognize your current pull-up grip, and changing it just slightly will avoid a large majority of hand tears.

BAD: Don’t Grip the Bar Centered in Your Palm

Most people naturally grip the bar in their palm. Do NOT do this.
Notice how the skin is compressed between the bar and base of fingers.
The pressure and friction from pull-ups then creates painful blisters.

BETTER: Center the Bar at Base of Fingers

Instead, grip the bar so it centers across base of fingers, not the palm.
Wrap fingers around the bar  and “roll” it into your hand.
If you palm grip the bar CHANGE YOUR GRIP! You will save your hands!
Need a video to help explain? See below.


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