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Monday April 24, 2017


Monday April 24, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 2 rounds of


  1. 25 band pull aparts
  2. 5 empty bar strict press with pause on top


Strength: Strict Press




*attempt to add weight each set. use warm up sets of 5 to reach a moderately heavy 5 before dropping reps.




CrossFit Games 2017 Online Qualifier Workout #4 (slightly modified on the HSPU)



10 Deadlift

20 hand stand push ups

30 front squats


Rx: 315/225, hand stand pushups, 95/65

Scaled: 245/175, 8 wall walks, 75/55 (or scale further as needed)


Coaches’ notes: this is the online qualifier workout for the masters and teen division. The deadlift is supposed to be heavy so if you are going to scale try not to scale too much. If the deadlift weight is very heavy for you start immediately with singles on the deadlift. Try to breeze through the front squats without dropping the bar.

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