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Monday August 14, 2017


Monday August 14, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 2 rounds with empty bar


5 hang power cleans

5 spit jerks w/ pause in spilt


Strength: Clean and Jerk


EMOM for 4 mins


2 clean and jerks @ 70-75%


E2MOM for 6 mins


2 clean and jerks @ 80-85%


* no touch and go reps. full reset to starting position.




For time:


5 Thrusters

21 pull ups

8 Thrusters

15 Toes to bar

12 Thrusters

15 Toes to bar

8 Thrusters

21 Pull ups

5 Thrusters


F: 95/65, assisted pull up, any scaled version of Toes to bar

P: 115/85, pull up, toes to bar

C: 135/95, chest to bar pull up, toes to bar


Coaches’ notes: The thrusters are supposed to be HEAVY. It should be an extreme struggle to get through all of those reps of Thrusters unbroken. This should be a 10+ min time domain workout. Therefore, add weight if you are going to plow through this workout in less than 10 min.

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