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Monday January 14, 2019


Monday January 14, 2019

Mobility/Activation: x 2 sets 

a. column stretch / lat stretch on rig :20/arm x 2 

b. pass thru x 10 

c. pvc OHS x 10 

Strength: Weightlifting 

Note for coaches: empty bar warm up can be done as instruction is given (5 mins) all working sets should be completed in 15 mins. Be particular about the difference in snatch high pull at a lower weight versus snatch pull on the last two heavier sets. 

Snatch High Pull + Power Snatch 

(2+1) x 2 sets 

(1+1) x 2 sets 

Note: Snatch high pull is done with the elbows high and outside and the bar raised to the level of the ribs or higher. Power snatch is from the floor and should be caught above parallel in the squat and stood up. 

Snatch Pull + Snatch 

(1+1) x 2 sets 

Note: Snatch pull is done to full extension of the hips/knees/ankles. Arms should remain straight while allowing the shoulders to rise with the bar close to the body and not swinging away. 

*attempt to increase across all sets 


5 Rounds:

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

C: 155/105

P: 135/95 F: 95/75

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