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Monday July 23, 2018


Monday July 23, 2018

Mobility/Activation: x 3

  1. 5/side arm CAR against wall
  2. 10/ea partner slam ball chest pass
  3. 5 empty bar bench press @32X2


Strength: Bench Press


15:00 to establish a heavy single in the bench press to use as a baseline.




AMRAP 15 min

400m Run

1 legless rope climb (15ft)

10 Box Jumps

10 toes to bar


C: legless, 20/16, toes to bar

P: regular rope climb, 20/16, toes to bar

F: 2x single arm ring row (perform 4 total, two with each hand), 20/16, K2E knee raises or toes to rig

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