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Monday May 1, 2017


Monday May 1, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 2 rounds of

  1. half kneeling db/kb press 5/arm
  2. foam roll lats 1min/side


Strength: Strict Press


80% x 4 x 4 sets


Conditioning: courtesy of CF Linchpin


3 rounds for time of


21 wall ball shots

15 pull ups

9 clean and jerks


F: 14/10; assisted pull ups or rows; 75/55

P: 20/14; assisted pull ups or rows; 95/65

C: 20/14; pull ups;115/80


Coach’s Notes: the reps of each movement can be completed unbroken and this would be a good chance to force those extra few reps without breaking. Use transition time between movements to rest.

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