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Monday October 1, 2018


Monday October 1, 2018


Push/Pull Upper


a. 1:00/side lax ball to pec minor w/ arm rotation (against wall or

lying down prone)

b. band pull aparts 15 overhand 15 underhand

c. 5 push ups at 31X1 tempo


1a. push up variation 3 x 8-12

(incline, plank, elevated, rings, etc)

1b. kb crush grip kb bent over row 3 x 10-15

1c. max effort plate ground to overhead 3 x :30


5- 2:00 Rounds of:

3 Muscle Ups

7/5 Calorie Bike Sprint

Max Reps Shoulder to Overhead

Rest 1:00

C: Ring Muscle Ups, 135/85

P: 2x C2B, 115/75

F: 2x Pull Ups, 95/65

Score is total number of thrusters


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