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Thursday August 30, 2018


Thursday August 30, 2018



2rds of

10 yoga push ups

10 reps prone YTW (5 in each position)

10 90/90 hip rotations (back and forth 10 total times)

10 air squats



10 min on technique and instruction of thrusters. Coaches will go over all aspects of best practiced technique as well as efficiency tips for thrusters and the workout in general.



CrossFit Open 14.5




Bar facing burpees


Rx: 95/65

Scaled: 65/45


***CrossFit Open workout 14.5 is regularly referred to as one of, if not the, hardest CrossFit Open workout in Open history. There is no time cap, this workout can take forever, or it can be really short***


***To give you a reference point Sam Briggs and Josh Bridges had the top times in the 2014 Open with times of 8:31 and 7:49, respectively***


After party:

Tabata Alternating between V-ups and flutter kicks (if time allows)

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