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Tuesday April 11, 2017


Tuesday April 11, 2017


1.) foam roll low back/hamstrings

2a.) 3 x 10 kb RDL

2b.) 3 x 10 leg swings front to back and side to side


Stamina: 2 x max unbroken kb swings


– record highest set


Rx: 70/45

Scaled: 53/35 or as needed


Conditioning: For Time




box jumps

toes to bar

wall ball shots


F: 20”/16”; knee raises; 14/10

P: 24”/20:; k2e; 20/14

C: 24”/20”; t2b; 20/14


Coach’s Notes: All athletes should be encouraged to complete the workout to the highest level possible. No step ups unless they cannot safely perform box jumps. Toes to bar (even in singles) should be performed over knees to elbow or raises if possible. This is a fairly long time domain so the challenge will be maintaining speed and intensity throughout the entire workout.

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