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Tuesday April 4, 2017


Tuesday April 4, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 2 rounds of

  1. 50 single unders
  2. 1:00/leg standing achilles stretch against wall or pole


Skill: Double Unders


F: 10:00 for technique practice

P: accumulate 100 du

C: 3 sets of 40+ unbroken




For Time:

100 double unders

21 hang power cleans

21 pull ups

100 double unders

15 hang power cleans

15 pull ups

100 double unders

9 hang power clean

9 pull ups


F: 95/65, assisted pull ups, 2x singles

P: 115/85, pull ups, double unders

C: 135/95, chest to bar, double unders


Whiteboard notes: WOD Notes: Monday’s WOD was a long grinding workout. Today is about 1 thing, REDLINE. You go as hard as you possibly can for as long as you can. The hang power cleans coupled with the chest to bar pull ups will test your grip under duress. The double unders are meant to be done as fast as possible and are there to keep your heart rate in the roof. 100% effort all out.

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