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Tuesday August 14, 2018


Tuesday August 14, 2018


30 banded good mornings

30 sec plank hold

20 air squats

10/leg reverse slider lunges



3rds of

1a. 100ft Sled push (heavy)

1b. 12 russian KB swings (heavy, guys should try to use the 106lb/ladies 88lb)

1c. 12 single leg squats (pistols, can perform to a box if desired)

1d. 12 v-ups


***KB swings should be very heavy, guys 106lb/girls 88lb. If neither are available then get 70lb/53lb and add band tension.




With a partner:

For time:

6000m row

EMO2M perform 3 box jumps, 6 wall balls


***one partner will row constantly, the other will rest. Every two minutes starting at min 0:00 one partner will perform 3 box jumps and 6 wall balls. Partners may choose to break up the rowing and/or the BJ/wall balls however they choose***

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