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Tuesday August 21, 2017


Tuesday August 21, 2017


  1. accumulate 2:00 on each leg of couch stretch
  2. accumulate 2:00 each of child pose, upward dog, downward dog




50 KB Swing (American)

***every time you break the KB swing you must perform a 50ft bear crawl before you can start KB swings again


Rest 2 min



Front Squat

Toes to Ba

***100m farmer carry (heavy) between each full round of front squats and toes to bar***


F: 95/65, knee raises or toes to rig

P: 115/85, knees to elbows

C:135/95, toes to bar


Coaches’ notes: on the KB swings push past your mental barrier and try to swing the bell for as long as you possibly can. Try to get through all 50 reps with only 1 break at most.


The front squats are supposed to be relatively heavy for the number of reps performed. However, you should be able to get through the front squat sets without breaking them up more than 2-times per set. This workout should be over fairly quickly so keep your pace as high as possible.

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