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Tuesday August 28, 2018


Tuesday August 28, 2018



2rds of

10 standing kettlebell halo (each direction)

10 half kneeling kettlebell halo (each direction)

10 single leg kb RDL (each leg)

5 burpees




3rds of

Kettlebell Plank Row x12 (6 each arm)

Landmine twist x20 (




With partner for time:

2 Rounds of

30 assault bike calories

30 air squats

Rest 2 min

20 Assault Bike Calories

20 Air Squats

Rest 2 min


***This is a relay style workout. Partner 1 will do 30 cals on the assault bike immediately followed by 30 air squats. Partner 2 is allowed to start the assault bike as soon as partner 1 is off the bike. Once both partners have completed 30 cals and 30 air squats, they will rest two minutes before starting on 20 cals and 20 air squats. After 1 full round of 30/30 and 20/20 is completed by both people then they will rest two min before starting the full sequence over again.***


***This is a sprint style workout. Your goal should be to go ALL OUT. ***


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