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Tuesday August 8, 2017


Tuesday August 8, 2017

Mobility/Activation: coach’s choice


Strength/Skill: Lower Body Accessory


3 rounds for time of


  1. 15yd sled push / 15 yd sled pull
  2. kb weighted step ups 8/leg
  3. goblet squat jumps x 10




4 Rds

In 3 minutes

200m run

1 rope climb (15ft)

Max push ups


Rest 1 min between rounds


Coaches’ notes: This is an interval workout. The athletes are to quickly run a 200m then 1 rope climb afterward. They will have the remaining time in the 3 minutes to do as many push ups as possible. You MUST push the pace on the run and rope climb!


Record total push ups


Scaled: 10 ring rows

Rx: regular rope climbs

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