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Tuesday December 19, 2017


Tuesday December 19, 2017

Mobility/Activation: coach led foam roll


Strength: Pull Ups


F: a. banded lat pulldowns 3 x 15 b. chin over bar hold 3 x max

P: a. 3 x max strict pull ups b. 3 x 30 UH band pull aparts

C: a. 3 x 5-8 stict chin ups w/ 5s eccentric b. 3 x max reps ring rows in 30s




4 rounds


25 pull ups

15 overhead squat

10 burpee over plate (must the plate facing, jump to plate then over the other side to perform another burpee)


Immediately into 500m row


Record total time


F: assisted pull up, 75/45

P: pull up, 85/55

C: pull up, 95/65,

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