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Tuesday December 4, 2018


Tuesday December 4, 2018


5:00 Empty Bar Warm Up performing 5 reps of any movement you can think of. Do not set the bar down at any time



Strength: Accessory Work

1A Hammer Curl and Press x10

1B Dumbbell Split Squat x10 Ea

2A Wallball Sit Ups x25

2B Banded Lat Pull Downs x10

2C Dumbbell Floor Press x10


Skill: Double Unders





Conditioning: For time

30 Double Unders

15 Power Cleans (115/80)

30 Double Unders

15 Toes to Bar


C: As RXd

P: 15 Double Unders + 20 Singles (95/65)

F: 8 Double Unders +40 Singles (75/45)

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