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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mob/Act: 3 rounds
A. High Plank Sliders Side to Side x20
B. Ring Row x10
C. Hand Release Push Ups x5

Strength/Skill: HSPU
C: 3 Sets of 5 Strict HSPU + 10 Kipping HSPU
P: 3 Sets of Max Kipping HSPU + Max Handstand hold
F: 3 Sets of 2 Wall Walks + Max Handstand hold


CrossFit Open 12.4
AMRAP 12 Min
150 wall balls
90 Double unders
30 muscle ups

C: 20/14, double unders, ring muscle ups
P: 20/14, double unders, chest to bar pull ups
F: 14/10, 2x singles, regular or assited pull ups

After Party: With partner 100 cal row sprint, partners can switch whenever they choose, one partner rows the other is in the plank position. Cals do not count unless one partner is in the plank position.

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