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Tuesday July 24, 2018


Tuesday July 24, 2018



2rds of

12 slam balls

12 dead bugs

12 prone shoulder press with PVC


Strength/Skill: Turkish Get Up 15min


Technique instruction by Coach, then rest of time working up to a 1 rep max turkish get up on each arm.




“Double Kettlebell Fran”


Double Kettlebell Thruster

Pull up


C: 44/35 (each hand), pull ups

P: 35/25 (each hand), banded pull ups

F: single 35/25 kettlebell, ring rows


***FRAN is a sprint! Your lungs should burn, your arms should hurt, and you should feel a tingle in your body because you don’t know if you can go any faster. Once you get done with the workout it should put you on the floor for several minutes while you try to recover.***


***NO POOR FRONT RACK POSITIONS!!!**** Kettlebells should be in FRONT of the body, next to your chest, with your elbows pointing down and tucked close to your body.


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