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Tuesday July 31, 2018


Tuesday July 31, 2018


3rds of

5 cals ski erg

10 wrist circles (each direction)

10 elbow circles (each direction)

10 arm circles (each direction)

20 short jumping hops in place


Strength/Skill: Double unders

12 min coaches’ instruction on double unders


2 rounds of:


Try to perform unbroken sets




For time:

800m Run

100 GHD Sit Ups

75 C2B pull ups

50 Ring Dips


C: as written

P: ab mat su, regular pull ups, ring dips

F: ab mat su, assisted pull ups and ring dips


*************You should be very familiar with the GHD machine and be able to perform multiple sets of 15+reps in order to use the aparatus during the workout. The GHD machine is capable of causing serious rhabo if not used properly by an experienced athlete. Please do not use this workout to test your merit on the machine**********


****take care of your hands! Make sure you are gripping the bar properly. DO NOT palm grip the bar! You will tear!****


***this workout should take around 25 min. Plan your scaling accordingly***

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