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Tuesday June 6, 2017


Tuesday June 6, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 3 rounds of

  1. 15s HS hold
  2. 10 db press (light)
  3. 10 each way scap (shoulder) circles and arm circles


Skill: HSPU clinic


10:00 to work progressions for HSPU


F: use wall walk, kip, and hs hold progressions w/ coach

P: accumulate 25 kipping hspu

C: 3 x max strict hspu + kipping hspu



3 Rounds, 1:00 at each station

Min 1: Wall Balls

Min 2: Ab Mat Sit Ups with Wall Ball

Min 3: Walking lunges with Wall Ball overhead

Min 4: 200m Run with Wall Ball

Min 5: Rest


F: 10/8

P: 14/10

C: 20/14


Coach’s Notes: A break from the barbell today. Try to work continuously for the entire minute. This work out is going to test your muscular endurance.

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