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Tuesday, May 9 2017


Tuesday, May 9 2017

Mobility/Activation: 3 rounds of

  1. 50m farmer carry
  2. 20 mountain climbers on sliders
  3. 10 air squats


Strength: Accessory Work


3 rounds not for time of


  1. 10/leg db weighted step ups
  2. 50m farmer carry as heavy as possible
  3. 15 reverse crunches or toes to pole


Conditioning: “Wicked Willy”


AMRAP 21min

300m Run

21 pull ups

21 toes to bar

300m run

21 push ups

21 ab mat sit ups


Rx: as written

Scaled: scale as needed for assisted pull ups, toes to bar, and pushups


Coaches’ notes: this wod is courtesy of our very own William Hayes. Lots of variety and lots of aerobic work in this WOD. Keep a steady pace throughout and try not to get bogged down on any one movement.

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