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Tuesday November 20, 2018


Tuesday November 20, 2018

Mobility / Activation: x 3
A. 10 cal ski or bike
B. 10 slam balls
C. 10 leg swings (front back left right)

20:00 to find the following

– max sled push weight for 50ft
– max unbroken strict pull ups or chin-ups (scale to feet elevated ring rows)
– max distance broad jump
– max unbroken push ups (rest at top of movement only)


Gymnastics Testing:

2:00 Max Effort Handstand Walk or Handstand Hold

2:00 Max Effort Toes to Bar

2:00 Max Effort Muscle Ups

2:00 Max Effort Rope Climb

2:00 L-Sit


Conditioning: “Annie”


Double Unders

Ab Mat Sit Ups

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