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Wednesday August 2, 2017


Wednesday August 2, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 2 rounds w dowel 1 round with empty bar

5 press in split
5 jerks w pause in split

Strength: 15:00 to find a heavy single in the Split Jerk. Next week we will add this movement to the cleans and perform clean and jerks.



EMOM 8 min


5 front squat (from the floor)

**with the remaining time perform as many bar facing burpees as possible until 45 sec in the min is reached. Then rest for 15 secs. At the top of the minute continue start again with the front squats. Record total burpees performed.


Coaches’ Notes: this workout is designed to test your ability to quickly recover and perform heavy work. The goal is to stay on a pace and get through the same amount of burpees in the last minute as you did in the first minute.


F: 65% bodyweight

P: 75% bodyweight

C: 85% bodyweight



After party: 30/25 cals on the Assault bike or 50/35 cals on the rower

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