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Wednesday June 21, 2017


Wednesday June 21, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 3 rounds of

  1. :15 hollow body hang
  2. 15 underhand band pull aparts
  3. :30/arm column stretch


Strength: Strict Pull Up


0 – 3 Strict Pull Ups

5 sets of 5 strict pull ups w/ band assistance. Use only the amount needed to get 5 challenging reps. No kipping.


4 – 8 Strict Pull Ups

EMOM x 8 mins

sub max set of strict pull ups


10+ strict pull ups

perform a max unbroken set of bw strict pull ups

rest 2:00

2RM weighted pull up





20 wall balls

15 power snatch

10 bar facing burpees


F: 45/35, 14/10

P: 75/55, 20/14

C: 95/65, 20/14


Coaches’ notes: the power snatch weight should be a weight that you can cycle through at least 5-8 reps even when you are tired. If you can’t cycle at least 5 reps of the bar then you need to go down to a weight that you can. Try to get the wall balls unbroken every round.

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