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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mobility/Activation: 3 rounds of

  1. 15 band pull aparts
  2. 15s hollow hang on pull up bar
  3. 5 scap pull ups


Strength: Strict Pull Up


10:00 to establish a baseline strict pull up effort. If you have strict bodyweight pull ups perform a max set. If you do not perform one or more of the following tests.


  1. 2 x max time chin over bar hold
  2. 2 x max effort feet elevated ring rows
  3. 2 x max effort top of ring row hold




Hang Power Cleans

Front Squats

Push Press

F: 95/65

P: 135/85

C: 155/105


Coach’s Notes- A heavier barbell wod for today. Try to hang onto the bar as long as possible. The additional run between sets will cause fatigue, so try to pick a weight you can maintain good form with.


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