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Wednesday May 10, 2017


Wednesday May 10, 2017

Mobility/Activation: coach’s choice for squatting


Strength: Back Squat


70% x 8 x 3 sets


Rest 2-3 mins between sets




For time:

42 wall balls

21 power snatch

30 wall balls

15 power snatch

18 wall balls

9 power snatch


F: 14/10, 65/45

P: 20/14, 75/55

C: 20/14, 95/65


Coaches’ notes: This should be a medium time domain workout 10-12min. Try and work through the wall balls without breaking more than once or two and quickly picking the ball up again. The focus of the workout is on the power snatches, so work on cycling the barbell for a few reps at a time. Stay consistent with your cycling and try not to take long breaks in between barbell cycles.

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