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Week of 4/9/2018 CF Endurance


Week of 4/9/2018 CF Endurance

Murph is eight weeks away and what better way to prepare for a very long endurance HERO WOD than to add a little bit of CrossFit endurance into your life? What is CrossFit endurance? CrossFit Endurance (CFE) is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential. CFE focuses on using CrossFit based training to improve an endurance athlete’s overall performance while trying to prevent common injuries typical of endurance athletes. Instead of running miles and miles every week, and pounding your joints into the ground, CFE incorporates interval training, CF metcons, and strength training to improve an endurance athlete’s performance.


A complete CFE program would incorporate specific MetCons and strength work that complimented an endurance based training program (run, row, bike, swim). However, all of you are already attending the class WODS on a weekly basis so for our purposes I am going to leave that part out and just release the endurance portion of the programming.


Most CFE training is typically focused on 5k to Ultra marathon distances. However, since Murph is only eight weeks away I thought it would be a good idea to train for the 2 mile in Murph. For the next eight weeks leading up to Murph I will post two days of endurance based programming. Day 1 will focus on shorter intervals with higher intensities. Day 2 will focus on longer endurance pieces with lower desired intensities.


CFE also teaches the Pose method of running. The Pose Method of Running technique consists of three elements: Pose – Fall – Pull and it accepts gravity as the primary force for forward movement instead of muscular effort. To achieve the optimum running technique, the key is to make the greatest possible use of terrestrial gravity.


On a personal note, many of you know that I have very bad knees. After attending the CFE seminar I adopted the Pose method of running in an attempt to save what’s left of my knees. I haven’t looked back since. My knees are still far from perfect, but the Pose method has helped me become a more efficient runner and protected my knees.


For more information on CFE please visit


For more information on the pose method of running please visit


Run Rx is also a GREAT resource for information and technique videos.


Below is the week 1 programming for CFE 2 mile prep (Murph running distance)


Week of 4/9


Day 1:

Perform the following running intervals

800m x1

Rest 3 min

600m x2

Rest 2:30 between each 600 and before starting the next running interval

200m x4

Rest 1:30 between each 200 and before starting the next running interval

600m x2

Rest 2:30 between each 600 and before starting the next running interval

800m x1


The resting periods for our intervals are designed to be a little longer than you would normally see in a daily CF wod. The reason is that you are trying to push your pace each and every interval. This should not be a nice jog in the park. Every interval should be performed at 85-90% intensity to achieve the fullest benefit.


Day 2:

1200m run

—-if your 1 mile time is <8 min then rest 4 min

—-if your 1 mile time is >8 min then rest 5 min

1200m run


The pacing for this run should be closer to your 2 mile time. Keep a pace for a 1200m that is sustainable.



Questions? Come see me! (Dusty)


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